Turn that Check Into Confetti

When making the decision about coming back as an Aloette consultant, I was somewhat intimidated. I remember feeling so accomplished and confident years ago when I would go to shows and share about Aloette’s products and opportunities. Because of lifestyle changes and so on, I stopped doing shows, started swapping out products here and there for other brands that I could just grab at the store, and eventually lost touch. My skin was suffering severely. I knew I needed Aloette again-and I have always missed the way I felt after sharing our products at shows. This journey came back into my life right when it needed to. My first goal was to qualify my kit. I tried to book my shows as closely together as I could. Just those few nights away from my kids started causing hardship for my “Village” helping keep my kids. I just needed to get my kit qualified as quickly as possible. I was so excited to rip my check and throw it into the air at Sales Celebration. My daughter was so proud, she was telling her friends about it at school that day. Whew! I did it! I decided to take a break…Then, a month went by with sales of about $100. I realized I was about to miss out on my next goal-earning the exclusive Luca+Danni Aloette logo bracelet. I was discouraged and had a calendar with one show booked. After getting 26 “no’s”, my mom told me to pray and to tell God what my goal was and what I needed to do to get there and to ask Him for help. I did. The show I had booked was a $900 show with a booking. The sales from the booking hit my goal for the bracelet. My goal for the next couple of weeks is to get as much training in as I can and follow up with ladies who were not ready for a party “yet”. My constant and “this year” goals are to hold 4 parties a month (I do have 2 young kids and a full time job), earn jewelry for Conference 2020, and attend Conference 2020. What’s beautiful about this business is that you get to choose your goals. The past three and a half months have boosted my confidence beyond where it has been in years. I love the community, contests, and celebrations! Oh, and I forgot about the cash! This month, I have earned over $500 in commission from just two parties and a couple of customer orders. What would you do with a extra $500 a month, and only having to leave your house twice to earn it?
-Andrea Timberlake
Executive Consultant
Aloette MS & AR Central

Photo Credit, Rachel Graham