Can we talk about blue light?

Hey sis, let’s get real about our screen time… Now is the time to protect the largest organ we have.  Yes, SPF is great while we are in the sun, but did you know that the more we are in front of the screen the more our skin is in danger.  Life is crazy sometimes and we need our dual computer screens, iPads, iPhones, and other devices to get our work done, but help your skin out. We love our apps and let’s face it, most of us spend more than an hour on social media. Question that? Check your screen-time on your phone. Be prepared to be shocked.   Did you know that sun-damage is no longer the number ONE factor for premature aging? What about your vision? Maybe it’s not as sharp as it once was?  Can you guess what it is? Possibly, Blue Light Damage. 

Click the photo below to see how to track your screen time.

Track your screen time and set limits.

Okay so here are some ways to limit your damage.

  1. Invest in blue light glasses (Rx or non-Rx) to protect your eyes and surrounding areas from blue light damage. Check out She, Confident’s latest blog on the effects of blue light and how blue light glasses help. (She, Confident Blog on blue Light)
  2. Limit exposure to blue lights. Set limits for social media screen time each day.
  3. Invest in your skin to protect and reverse damage.



Protect your skin both day and night.

Our Blue Light Solution.

Instantly hydrate and plump skin as this innovative, facial gel breaks upon contact and transforms into a hydrating serum that replenishes dry and dull skin for a healthier-looking complexion. BIODEFENSE is packed with clean ingredients that provide anti-pollution benefits by protecting the skin against environmental aggressors and damage caused by UV, IR and high energy visible blue light. Guard skin during the day and replenish throughout the night with this morning and night crème that compliments any regimen.

(Product Description Credit-Aloette Cosmetics)

Contact your consultant to order yours today or click the link below to shop our franchise site


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