More than a side hustle.

Are you looking at getting a second or third job in 2020? A new ‘side hustle’. We hear you! The cost of living is higher than the days of our parents and grandparents. Have you tried direct sales? You have. Oh, sister give it one more try. So many things factor into direct sales success. You might be in a different place now than when you first tried direct sales. Don’t miss an opportunity out of fear of failure. Now that I have said that let’s look at what you need workout before you begin your business.

Grab a notebook.  You will need to jot down a few things down. First, write what your goal is. Are you feeling overwhelmed with debt? Look at your debt and see what needs immediate attention. Pay attention to interest rates and deadlines. Oh, those credit cards can get ya, but have no fear! How about a new purse? Print a picture out of that fabulous purse and put it on your fridge! Family Vacation? Plan it out!

Next step, write down everything that can/will get in your way. Then with a bright color pen, write how you will counter each of the things on your list. That’s right! NOTHING IS GOING TO GET IN YOUR WAY! You have a goal and a plan. 

Have a little fun while you are earning extra income.

In Aloette, home shows are the most consistent way to earn serious income.  What is a home show? A home show is a party where a host invites you and friends over to learn about skincare and makeup.  Consultants make a commission from the total retail value sold. You can sell a little and make a little, or you can sell a lot and get a bigger check.  Successful parties do not just happen. It isn’t luck. Successful parties are a product of thoughtful planning and hostess coaching.

Aloette’s hostess benefits are generous and great. Who wouldn’t want to host a party?

Do you have to be a “show consultant” to be an active consultant? Not at all! Though it is a lot of FUN! Aloette offers a ‘Friends and Family Discount’ kit called My Aloette.  This kit gives you the perks of being a consultant without the doing shows.  Aloette’s ‘My Aloette Kit’ lets consultants make purchases for themselves through their personal consultant portal as well as make commissionable customer orders.  My Aloette consultants can still hold home shows and virtual shows through social media platforms such as Facebook. The main difference in the two Aloette consultant kits is the amount of product provided. If you have questions about these kits, please reach out to your consultant or us at

Aloette South

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