5 Reasons you should keep your brushes clean

  1. Dead Skin Cells sister! When you use your brushes daily, they can pick up dead skin cells. Now you might be the girl who only applies makeup occasionally, imagine the dust that is collecting in your powder brush. Using anti-bacterial soap and cleansers, you are helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and dirt from your brushes to your face.
  2. Makeup Application! It’s all fun and games until you realize your makeup looks cakey or uneven, it’s time to clean those brushes! Clean brushes help your makeup apply smoothly and with the intended pigmentation.
  3. PINK EYE! Keep those eye brushes clean. Never share your brushes. Sharing cosmetics and brushes can spread bacteria quickly. 
  4. Enlarged PORES! As explained in #2, dirty brushes help to push bacteria and dirt deeper in your pores. Oh, by the way, dirty brushes expose your skin to stress from free radicals. As we all know, free radicals cause the breakdown of collagen and elastins.  YUP, DIRTY BRUSHES=AGING!
  5. Just like your toothbrush, you need soft bristles for makeup application. When you allow your makeup to build up in your brushes it can eventually feel like you are scratching your face with every application. This causes irritation and as explained in #1, the spread of BACTERIA.

Aloette South

Megan Spring

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