Hey girl, nice brows!

We’ve all done it. Picture it, think Sophia Petrillo as you read this, you are using your best magnifying mirror. You have your tweezers in hand.  You start PLUCKING. It all starts like, “I am just going to get that ONE HAIR.” Next thing you know, your left brow is almost GONE! Yea, we got you girl! We understand the sinking filling you get when you are thinking of all the ways to fill that brow back in.  Before you start sculpting again take a minute to read below. We have tips and tricks to help.

Photo cred. : http://ell.h-cdn.co/assets/17/11/1489530457-findyourshape.JPG

Did you know that the arch and shape of your brows can alter your face shape?

The trick to the PERFECT BROW is to understand your ‘Facial Shape’. There are FIVE common facial shapes.

  • OVAL
  • LONG

Need help deciding what shape best matches your face? Contact your local beauty consultant for a consultation.

Okay so now that you know your facial shape, you are ready to sculpt your brows.  Well, almost ready. Before you grab your mirror and tweezers, keep two main things in mind.

  1. You may not have an ideal brow line, naturally.
  2. You can use tweezers to style your brows to better fit your face.

OVAL FACES tend to benefit from a slight arch, as shown above.

ROUND FACES tend to benefit from angles. See the photo above for an example. Adding angles to your brows can help to overcome the roundness of your face by giving the appearance of added facial length.

LONG FACES tend to benefit from longer brows with a gentle arch.

SQUARE FACES look best with THICK BROWS. No arches or gentle arches look best on square faces.

HEART FACES look best with soft lines or a rounded brow. Go easy on your arches.

Now that you have sculpted your brows…

It’s time to add DEFINITION. You can do this a couple different ways, but our favorite is to use OH WOW, BROW!

Before you say that you cannot do this, KNOW THAT YOU CAN!

First, use an applicator to apply wax to the entire brow. Make sure you brush it with the grain of your hair. Then, use a small angled liner or brow brush to apply the powder. There are three shades to this kit: blond, brunette, and red.

For more information on this product or more about Aloette please reach out. We are happy to assist you with your brow needs.

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Aloette South

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