HOW TO: Pick your next lipstick.

Let’s talk lipstick! Are you a summer or a winter? Spring or Fall?

Confused? Don’t worry we are still talking about lipstick. Have you picked up the most perfect red lipstick and with pure excitement applied it thinking it would look like your besties? We’ve all been there. This applies to most things such as hair color, nail polish, clothing, and makeup. 

As a beauty consumer, picking your colors in lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow based on your skin tone will often leave you unsatisfied. Let’s revisit RED LIPSTICK! You might have a cool undertone meaning your skin tends to appear fairer and duller. Applying a color such as RED CARPET to your lips may appear more coral than red. If you have more cool undertones try a true red such as CABARET.

Here is an article from SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE on how to determine what your undertones are.

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