Can you spare 5 mins?

Do you have just 5 minutes? Of course, you do! As Christmas and New Years approaches, 5 minutes is about all you can spare. Right? During our busy seasons we tend to throw self-care out of the window.  We sleep in our makeup. Don’t get down sister, it happens.  We are spread out doing many things with very little time to do them.

What can we do? First, take a deep breath before you start cooking your feast. It will taste awesome so no worries. Your house is clean! Your friends and family love you so do not break your back-scrubbing baseboards before Santa comes.  Take time to unwind with a bubble bath, fuzzy slippers, hot cocoa, and your favorite facial mask.  If you do not have one yet, let me suggest Five Minute Facial.

Destress your skin with Five Minute Facial, a once a week treatment that you apply literally for 5 minutes.  This facial is different from Aloette’s other facials.  Five Minute Facial has more of a paste/scrub texture.  It goes on smoothly and gently. “This quick fix facial removes dead skin cells to unveil a softer, smoother and refreshed complexion in minutes. Alpha hydroxy acids help to remove discoloration, roughness and wrinkles. Bamboo powder gently resurfaces skin, allowing the new skin to absorb antioxidants like vitamin E while sodium hyaluronate hydrates and plumps the skin.”-Aloette Cosmetics

Don’t forget to smile big for your pictures during the holidays and take lots of them! Enjoy!

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Written by Aloette South, Megan Spring

Halloween Countdown


Halloween is days away! Are you rushing to put together a costume? We’ve got you covered! Click our Pinterest board for ideas. Innovative makeup and costume ideas are added daily.

Okay Cinderella, the clock just chimed midnight and it’s time to rush home from the ball. Grab your shoes and makeup remover. Before you crash into your pillow, do not forget to remove your makeup.  This takes 2 minutes, and your face will thank you. Essential cleansing oil will gently lift any makeup and even remove your fabulous false lashes.  Add City Detox with your Essential Cleansing Oil for a deep clean before bed.  Remember Cinderella, no princess wants to awake from a fabulous night out with a giant zit on her forehead.  

The ultimate makeup remover and nighttime cleanser, Essential Cleansing Oil soothes and hydrates as it eliminates dirt and makeup for a refreshed, residue-free finish. With nourishing sesame, avocado, olive and safflower oils, this non-greasy face wash is perfect for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. 
Refresh the look of dull skin and gently cleanse the day away with City Detox. With just a sprinkle of water, this charcoal-infused Environmental Defense Powder Cleanser effortlessly transforms from a fine-grained powder into a luxurious, sulfate-free lather to break down dirt, oil, makeup and impurities for a complexion that’s visibly softer, smoother and brighter-looking—even after daily exposure to environmental stressors such as pollutants. Formulated with papain—an enzyme derived from the papaya fruit—and soothing aloe vera, this innovative face cleanser helps exfoliate the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Easily customizable depending on how much water you mix in, the gentle formula exfoliates without the ouch factor, making it a revitalizing choice for all skin types.

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