Gift Guide for Teens

Shopping can be difficult…especially for teens and tweens! We are here to help! Give your teen the gift of clear skin and healthy makeup.

Far to often parents tell us that their teens and tweens need skincare, but they can’t seem to get them to wash their face. Sound familiar. Skincare must be made fun for some teens to use it. Here is a list of our TOP 3 FUN PRODUCTS:

Muddy Up is fun for any age, but for teens and tweens it’s a new photo for the gram or a theme for their sleepover. Muddy Up is a DETOX MASK made from clay. In just a few minutes you will see and feel your mask tighten. A fun game to play is to “Not Crack the Mask”.  While this mask is fun, it’s super effective as well.

Stick Shift looks like a deodorant stick. Seriously. FYI, don’t apply like deodorant. Zip stick shift across a damp face to EXFOLIATE and CLEANSE at one time. The charcoal in this cleansing stick is like a magnet for blackheads so your teen will feel confident about their skin.

City Detox is FUN!! No really, it’s time to have fun washing your face again. This powder cleanser activates when exposed to water. Your skin will feel so clean! This is a detoxing cleanser and is perfect for any age and all skin types. Your teen can confidently throw City Detox in their gym bag and rollout.   

Is your teen into makeup? We have the PERFECT PALETTE!


Golden Hour has everything your teen needs to take her style to the next level.

Don’t forget about mascara. Top Shelf is our favorite for length and volume. The curved applicator grabs up even the smallest lashes.

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Hey girl, nice brows!

We’ve all done it. Picture it, think Sophia Petrillo as you read this, you are using your best magnifying mirror. You have your tweezers in hand.  You start PLUCKING. It all starts like, “I am just going to get that ONE HAIR.” Next thing you know, your left brow is almost GONE! Yea, we got you girl! We understand the sinking filling you get when you are thinking of all the ways to fill that brow back in.  Before you start sculpting again take a minute to read below. We have tips and tricks to help.

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Did you know that the arch and shape of your brows can alter your face shape?

The trick to the PERFECT BROW is to understand your ‘Facial Shape’. There are FIVE common facial shapes.

  • OVAL
  • LONG

Need help deciding what shape best matches your face? Contact your local beauty consultant for a consultation.

Okay so now that you know your facial shape, you are ready to sculpt your brows.  Well, almost ready. Before you grab your mirror and tweezers, keep two main things in mind.

  1. You may not have an ideal brow line, naturally.
  2. You can use tweezers to style your brows to better fit your face.

OVAL FACES tend to benefit from a slight arch, as shown above.

ROUND FACES tend to benefit from angles. See the photo above for an example. Adding angles to your brows can help to overcome the roundness of your face by giving the appearance of added facial length.

LONG FACES tend to benefit from longer brows with a gentle arch.

SQUARE FACES look best with THICK BROWS. No arches or gentle arches look best on square faces.

HEART FACES look best with soft lines or a rounded brow. Go easy on your arches.

Now that you have sculpted your brows…

It’s time to add DEFINITION. You can do this a couple different ways, but our favorite is to use OH WOW, BROW!

Before you say that you cannot do this, KNOW THAT YOU CAN!

First, use an applicator to apply wax to the entire brow. Make sure you brush it with the grain of your hair. Then, use a small angled liner or brow brush to apply the powder. There are three shades to this kit: blond, brunette, and red.

For more information on this product or more about Aloette please reach out. We are happy to assist you with your brow needs.

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Aloette South

Megan Spring, contributing writer


5 Reasons you should keep your brushes clean

  1. Dead Skin Cells sister! When you use your brushes daily, they can pick up dead skin cells. Now you might be the girl who only applies makeup occasionally, imagine the dust that is collecting in your powder brush. Using anti-bacterial soap and cleansers, you are helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and dirt from your brushes to your face.
  2. Makeup Application! It’s all fun and games until you realize your makeup looks cakey or uneven, it’s time to clean those brushes! Clean brushes help your makeup apply smoothly and with the intended pigmentation.
  3. PINK EYE! Keep those eye brushes clean. Never share your brushes. Sharing cosmetics and brushes can spread bacteria quickly. 
  4. Enlarged PORES! As explained in #2, dirty brushes help to push bacteria and dirt deeper in your pores. Oh, by the way, dirty brushes expose your skin to stress from free radicals. As we all know, free radicals cause the breakdown of collagen and elastins.  YUP, DIRTY BRUSHES=AGING!
  5. Just like your toothbrush, you need soft bristles for makeup application. When you allow your makeup to build up in your brushes it can eventually feel like you are scratching your face with every application. This causes irritation and as explained in #1, the spread of BACTERIA.

Aloette South

Megan Spring


Hello winter time! It’s time to get outside and go shopping, caroling, enjoy bonfires, and of course outside Christmas lights. Don’t forget to bundle up and apply your moisturizer. Depending on your weather, you might need to switch to a thicker moisturizer, maybe a balm.  If your skin feels tight when you wash your face, switch to a hydrating cleanser.  If your skin stings or burns when you apply your moisturizer…it’s time to begin the REPAIRING PROCESS!

Let’s talk exfoliators. Treat your face to a probiotic yogurt treatment such as Aloette’s Beauty Parfait.  This treatment leaves your skin feeling so soft.  Apply for 5-20 minutes. If you are a Beauty Parfait NEWBIE, then begin with 3-5mins.

Follow up with your moisturizer such as maximum moisture complex or advance night recovery.  Winter time is not the time to be stingy with your moisturizer, apply generously. Don’t neglect that NECK!  Apply BE SMOOTH for a softer and smoother décolleté.  This can be applied to your face as well.  LIP DIFFERENCE is the best lip primer/moisturizer. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS IN THEIR LIFE! Also, great stocking stuffers. You are welcome!

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Halloween Countdown


Halloween is days away! Are you rushing to put together a costume? We’ve got you covered! Click our Pinterest board for ideas. Innovative makeup and costume ideas are added daily.

Okay Cinderella, the clock just chimed midnight and it’s time to rush home from the ball. Grab your shoes and makeup remover. Before you crash into your pillow, do not forget to remove your makeup.  This takes 2 minutes, and your face will thank you. Essential cleansing oil will gently lift any makeup and even remove your fabulous false lashes.  Add City Detox with your Essential Cleansing Oil for a deep clean before bed.  Remember Cinderella, no princess wants to awake from a fabulous night out with a giant zit on her forehead.  

The ultimate makeup remover and nighttime cleanser, Essential Cleansing Oil soothes and hydrates as it eliminates dirt and makeup for a refreshed, residue-free finish. With nourishing sesame, avocado, olive and safflower oils, this non-greasy face wash is perfect for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. 
Refresh the look of dull skin and gently cleanse the day away with City Detox. With just a sprinkle of water, this charcoal-infused Environmental Defense Powder Cleanser effortlessly transforms from a fine-grained powder into a luxurious, sulfate-free lather to break down dirt, oil, makeup and impurities for a complexion that’s visibly softer, smoother and brighter-looking—even after daily exposure to environmental stressors such as pollutants. Formulated with papain—an enzyme derived from the papaya fruit—and soothing aloe vera, this innovative face cleanser helps exfoliate the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Easily customizable depending on how much water you mix in, the gentle formula exfoliates without the ouch factor, making it a revitalizing choice for all skin types.

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