Hello 2021!

Thank you for hanging with us in 2020!

Is 2021 everything you’ve hoped for? Are you beginning to feel the shift from 2020?

It’s happening. Stay positive!

We are only on day 5 of month 1 into the new year. Did you set goals for 2021? Maybe to focus on health more by drinking more water, moving your body more each day, or just taking better care of yourself?

If 2020 has taught us anything it is not to take our health for granted.

So as we roll on into 2021, keep scrubbing your hands and washing your face. Take those practices from 2020 with you right on into 2021.

Stay safe friends. Stay healthy. This will be a great year if we all work together. 💛

Aloette South


Every Aloette consultant has a story. Some join for a discount on their favorite products, some join for extra income, and some join for the lifestyle Aloette provides. Aloette South would like to introduce you to Executive Beauty Consultant, Stacy Repp. Stacy lives in Arkansas and has been a beauty consultant for Aloette for 33 years. WOW!!!

Why Aloette, Stacy?

Aloette South: When did you join Aloette?

Stacy: July 1987.

Aloette South: Why did you join?

Stacy: I was a hotel reservationists at a very elite Dallas Hotel. I was told I had job security since I brought the guest in. I went to work one morning and was told three of the top executives of the company wanted to see me in their office. They informed me that the hotel was going bankrupt. They gave me a 6 month severance package and asked me to pack up my office. I didn’t see it coming. That weekend a friend invited me to her Aloette party. At the time a model was chosen to sit in front of everyone and have their skincare and makeup done. I was the model for the night. The President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Aloette Franchise did the show that night. She offered me the Aloette Opportunity. I had no self confidence to be called a “Beauty Consultant.” Carol and my friends cheered me on and said I would be good at it. I knew I needed a job. So Carol encouraged me to just do the 4 shows and earn my kit free and give it a chance. I’ve been here ever since.

Aloette South:Are you married?

Stacy: I have been married to my husband Van for 35 years. We couldn’t have children. Eighteen years after we were married we were blessed with adopting a newborn baby. Our son Jacob is now 17 years old.

Aloette South: That’s amazing!

Aloette South:Do you have another job other than Aloette?

Stacy: I wear many hats during the day. I home school my son with a Virtual Academy. I am on a teachers schedule all year. My husband and I own ICU Window Cleaning Systems. I am the Office Manager and Book Keeper for the company. I also do volunteer ministry work several hours a month.

What is one of your favorite moments in your Aloette career?

Stacy: Six years ago I was crowned Queen of Sales and Queen of Recruiting for Aloette of Arkansas in Nashville at Conference.

Aloette South: What is your favorite product? Why is it your favorite?

Stacy: Choosing one product for me is tough. I tell people at my shows if we were going to make Chocolate Cake and left out the flour and Cocoa we would just have a hot mess. A girl leaving anything out of her Aloette routine is just a hot mess. I use the Enzyme Peel, and Platinum Skin Care. I mix in a little bit of Aloepure, Essential Cleaning Oil, Maximum Moisture Complex, and Eye Witness. I formerly was a Pre-School Teacher required to keep a first aid kit. I kept Nutri-Hydrating Mist in the first aide kit. My students renamed Nutri-Hydrating Mist to Mrs. Repp’s Boo Boo spray. My customers still call and ask for Mrs. Repp’s Boo Boo Spray. So that has fondly become a favorite of mine, my students, clients and family.

Aloette South: How do you find time to work your business right now?

Stacy: Every morning I wake up and start my day with a to do list. As part of my morning routine I offer a tip, sale, or contest on my VIP page. Each month I send out a monthly newsletter to all of my clients on the first of the month. I keep my calendar in front of me at all times with highlighted days that I choose to work. I love that I have the flexibility that Aloette offers.

Aloette South: What is next for you personally?

Stacy: My home is a Farmhouse that is nearly 100 years old. We could use some improvements. Once it is safe to do so I want to take my son on a trip of his choice

Aloette South: That’s awesome! You got this!

Would you like more information about becoming a consultant. Are you a consultant, but need help getting your business back going? Aloette South is happy to help!

Summertime Real Talk

Photo Credit Amanda Tagert, Aloette Consultant

It is summertime in Mississippi, meaning that the low is typically 65 on a good day and the high can be 100+. Ouch! So here is the thing, which soaring tempts and the beautiful blaring sun we all need to take a few important steps to stay healthy.

  1. STAY HYDRATED! Okay so you might be the person who hates to drink water. Maybe it must be super cold or can only be carbonated. Try putting your water in a fun cup with a straw or an insulated water bottle. It is a mind over matter type of deal. Sometimes we must trick our mind into believing that we are drinking something fun until we can form our healthy habits.
  2. HEALTHY SNACKING! Chips, pizza, and candy are all fine and dandy if in moderation. Remember to replace some of those snacks with fruits like watermelon and berries because while they are tasty, they can also help keep you hydrated.
  3. SUNSCREEN! Look golden tans are might be your thing. I know I feel my best with a tan, but the older I get I realize that my health is more important than my tan. Now I use fake tanners to tone down my blindly white legs and wear sunscreen DAILY! Yea, the sun can cause pre-mature aging, but the scary thing is skin cancer. Wear the hat. Apply the sunscreen. Reapply the sunscreen.
  4. NOURISH YOUR SKIN! Aloe Vera is amazing to help keep sunburns at bay, but it can help to nourish dehydrated skin as well. My personal favorite is Nutri-Hydrating Mist.

Have you tried Nutri-Hydrating Mist before? Use the link below to give it a review or to see what others have to say about it.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone,

Megan Spring

Aloette South

More than extra income.

I can work my business from anywhere as long as I have a good wifi connection.

Thinking of joining Aloette? Aloette offers more than an amazing discount, training, and income. Aloette provides a community for men and women from all backgrounds to come together. We interviewed wife, boy mama, and Aloette’s newest consultant about why she joined our Aloette community. See what Macey had to say about her first 2 weeks in business.

Macey, her hubby Ryan, and one year old Gabriel.

Megan: When did you first start using Aloette?

Macey: I started using Aloette in 2010. I went to a party and have been hooked ever since.

Megan: What is your favorite product?

Macey: That’s a toss-up between Gentle foaming cleanser or the essential cleansing oil!

Megan: What made you want to become a consultant?

Macey:  I love the products and have a long time. I’m suggesting them to people and telling people about them why not make an income while doing that!

Megan: When did you join the company?

Macey: My launch party was 2/9/2020 and had my first party a week later.

Megan: What is your favorite thing about being a consultant, so far?

Macey: Honestly, I’m a stay at home mom and needed an outlet I needed something that felt like I was doing for myself!! Aloette gives me that brain stimulation I feel like I need. Even after one party it’s making me use my brain which I haven’t had to do since I stopped working back in May. Preparing for the parties is so fun for me and feeling like I’m going to contribute again to our income is a major plus.

For more information on what Aloette has to offer click the YouTube link below.


Best wishes on your new business Macey!

Megan Spring-writer & interviewer

Aloette South


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Halloween Countdown


Halloween is days away! Are you rushing to put together a costume? We’ve got you covered! Click our Pinterest board for ideas. Innovative makeup and costume ideas are added daily.

Okay Cinderella, the clock just chimed midnight and it’s time to rush home from the ball. Grab your shoes and makeup remover. Before you crash into your pillow, do not forget to remove your makeup.  This takes 2 minutes, and your face will thank you. Essential cleansing oil will gently lift any makeup and even remove your fabulous false lashes.  Add City Detox with your Essential Cleansing Oil for a deep clean before bed.  Remember Cinderella, no princess wants to awake from a fabulous night out with a giant zit on her forehead.  

The ultimate makeup remover and nighttime cleanser, Essential Cleansing Oil soothes and hydrates as it eliminates dirt and makeup for a refreshed, residue-free finish. With nourishing sesame, avocado, olive and safflower oils, this non-greasy face wash is perfect for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. 
Refresh the look of dull skin and gently cleanse the day away with City Detox. With just a sprinkle of water, this charcoal-infused Environmental Defense Powder Cleanser effortlessly transforms from a fine-grained powder into a luxurious, sulfate-free lather to break down dirt, oil, makeup and impurities for a complexion that’s visibly softer, smoother and brighter-looking—even after daily exposure to environmental stressors such as pollutants. Formulated with papain—an enzyme derived from the papaya fruit—and soothing aloe vera, this innovative face cleanser helps exfoliate the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Easily customizable depending on how much water you mix in, the gentle formula exfoliates without the ouch factor, making it a revitalizing choice for all skin types.

Contact your consultant for more details or email us at aloette.market@yahoo.com

To shop contact your consultant or click the link https://www.aloette.com/market

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Double Cleansing and Detoxing My Skin


We are pleased to have Mindy Boyd, author and creator of https://sheconfidentsite.com/, as a guest writer for our site. Mindy has provided us with a full review of Aloette’s latest product launch along with a few tips. Scroll down and tell us what you think.

It’s time for a late night confession. Are you ready?

I’ve been in the beauty biz for 15 years now and I have never had this much fun washing my face. Literally, it’s fun and so satisfying lately to be seeing improvements in my skin even after using a good skincare regimen for over a decade now. So, what’s changed, you ask? Two things.


What the heck is “double cleansing?” Well, it’s cleansing your skin. Twice. Once with an oil, and then with a gentle cleanser. I’ve used Aloette’s Essential Cleansing Oil for years but have always just followed it with a toner. Not anymore. Last month, Ryan Christopher, a skincare expert who works closely with my brand posted a quick video about double cleansing the right way and I was so inspired. I have struggled with hormonal breakouts for years and I really think switching it up has made a world of difference in decongesting my pores and controlling inflammation that would pop up under the surface of my skin.

Step 1: Aloette’s Essential Cleansing Oil

You start with an oil, cleanse your skin for 60 seconds- yup, a whole minute, massaging the skin on your face and neck with a non-synthetic oil cleanser to remove makeup and break up oil buildup on the surface of your skin. After that, you’ll follow with a good, lathering cleanser to remove any residue and deep clean your pores. 60 seconds with this one too. It’s self-care, y’all. You’re worth it.

This brings me to the second thing that has made my skincare routine more satisfying and just plain fun!


Back in January I received a little vial of powder from the Aloette home office with instructions to wash my face with it and report back the results. You read that right- a powder…. to wash my face. I sprinkled a little in my palm, mixed it with a little water and rubbed my palms together to find the most luxurious foaming cleanser I had ever used! Seriously. Sprinkle, mix, foam- amazing. My skin has never felt so clean. It’s brighter, more even in tone, and those breakouts are nearly nonexistent.

City Detox contains enzymes to gently exfoliate and clay to detox and purge pores. This gets rid of not only makeup residue but dust, dirt, pollen, and other environmental pollutants that gather on your skin each day. The best part is, it only takes just a little bit. This bottle of cleanser will last you a WHILE so it’s an incredible value. More bang for your buck.

Step 2: City Detox

I am so excited that City Detox is now available to launch to the public! I’ve loved this cleanser for months and now so can you! City Detox launches on August 21st and it’s sure to be a big seller. You can swipe one up on my website found under the My Faves tab and add an Essential Cleansing Oil to your cart as well.

Have questions about the products or want to share your experience with City Detox if you already have some? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Leave a comment. Like the content? Feel free to click ‘share’ and send it out into your world!

*Aloette has been one of my favorite things for years! I love it so much that I bought a franchise of the company. If you place an order from my site, I’ll receive a small commission. Just letting you know!

-Mindy Boyd

She, Confident



Just a small-town girl traveling the world.

7 years ago, I picked up my kit and decided I would hold 4 home shows and see where God would lead me. I was a lost twenty-something that could not quite figure out what I wanted to be “when I grew up”. I had a few ups and downs my first few months of business, but I had an amazing team leader, now president, who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I remember the first trip I missed. It was a Mediterranean Cruise; I didn’t realize I wanted to go until I missed it.  The second trip I missed really hurt deep down.  I work for this trip, but somewhere along the way my vision became a tad bit cloudy and you guessed it……I MISSED A CRUISE…. TO HAWAII. Let’s all let that sink in.  I decided I was not letting that happen again.  I started working with my now president, Mindy Boyd, to decide what I needed to work on. GAME CHANGER! I have not missed a single trip since.  

Everyone has a bucket list vacation spot or several, for me, it was IRELAND.  Growing up my grandmother told me stories about how some of my family immigrated from Ireland and so began my obsession.  I thought it was the coolest thing.  I loved to look at pictures, and a part of me thought I would only get to explore this country through books and pictures.  I have been very blessed to be able to travel around the world with Aloette over the last 7 years. When Aloette announced our 2020 consultant vacation to IRELAND, I could NOT contain my excitement!!! This is truly a dream trip! My dream, and maybe yours.  I will have my trip wrapped up next month, but these trips are always more fun in groups.  Can you see yourself exploring Dublin, Ireland? Contact your consultant to find out how to claim your spot.  Don’t have a consultant? Click over to contact and reach out. You do not want to miss this trip.  

-Megan Spring

Aloette Beauty Consultant and Team Leader