Have suitcase, will travel!


Okay so you are getting ready to head out of town, but what to pack? Aloette ladies know how to pack. There is nothing worse than lugging around an overpacked suitcase for a 2-day adventure or under packing for a weeklong trip. No worries, we have you covered. Before packing here are a couple key questions you must ask yourself before you grab your suitcase.

  1. Where are you going?
  2. How long will you be gone?
  3. What does your itinerary look like?
At some-point, we’ve all sat on a suitcase.

So, let’s ‘unpack’ each of these questions. See what I did there? We know that was corny, but you laughed. Where are you going? You do not want to pack stilettos for a rugged trip to the mountains/beach, right? Also, it is important to use your weather app and check the temperature for the area you are traveling. A few years back Aloette went to BANFF in Canada. Truly one of the coolest trips. I remember packing my suitcase with cute summer dresses and outfits because we were traveling in July. The night before we left a friend of mine checked the weather in Banff. I was going to FREEZE at night. I quickly emptied my suitcase and packed laying clothes and a heavy jacket. I swapped my strappy sandals for closed in shoes.  I had the BEST TIME because I was prepared when I arrived.

Always pack 2-3 EXTRA outfits.  Things happen. Coffee spills…sometimes wine happens. Don’t forget to pack an extra outfit or two for mishaps.  If your trip is more than 4 days, you might need to pack a carry-on or weekender bag along with your medium-large suitcase. Take advantage of your bonus bag. Pack your jammers and an extra outfit. If you are flying, you will be happy you have an overnight bag on your trip. These come in handy if you have any adventures such as luggage misplacement or a little extra airport time. Things happen, it’s all part of the adventure.

Map out your attire based on your itinerary. Print it out, write your outfit ideas beside each activity. Once you map out your outfits you can effectively pack and plan for an organized trip. Place your itinerary on top of your clothes before you close your suitcase. You will need the itinerary for your tip and now it has your outfits planned out and ready to tackle the day.  Shoes take up so much space in my suitcase and they are heavy. I like to look at my outfits and see how many I can pair with 2-3 pairs of shoes.

Bonus packing must-haves are slippers, lighted mirror, and a blanket.  Slippers are great when you need to walk around your hotel room. Lighted mirrors are MUST-HAVES because most hotels do not have great lighting.  Yes, your hotel room has bedding, but sometimes you just need a travel blankly.


I hope this helps your next trip go smoothly.  Aloette will be traveling ABROAD to Ireland this year so stay tuned for TRAVEL TIPS FROM ACROSS THE POND.

Aloette South

Writer, Megan Spring


Just a small-town girl traveling the world.

7 years ago, I picked up my kit and decided I would hold 4 home shows and see where God would lead me. I was a lost twenty-something that could not quite figure out what I wanted to be “when I grew up”. I had a few ups and downs my first few months of business, but I had an amazing team leader, now president, who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I remember the first trip I missed. It was a Mediterranean Cruise; I didn’t realize I wanted to go until I missed it.  The second trip I missed really hurt deep down.  I work for this trip, but somewhere along the way my vision became a tad bit cloudy and you guessed it……I MISSED A CRUISE…. TO HAWAII. Let’s all let that sink in.  I decided I was not letting that happen again.  I started working with my now president, Mindy Boyd, to decide what I needed to work on. GAME CHANGER! I have not missed a single trip since.  

Everyone has a bucket list vacation spot or several, for me, it was IRELAND.  Growing up my grandmother told me stories about how some of my family immigrated from Ireland and so began my obsession.  I thought it was the coolest thing.  I loved to look at pictures, and a part of me thought I would only get to explore this country through books and pictures.  I have been very blessed to be able to travel around the world with Aloette over the last 7 years. When Aloette announced our 2020 consultant vacation to IRELAND, I could NOT contain my excitement!!! This is truly a dream trip! My dream, and maybe yours.  I will have my trip wrapped up next month, but these trips are always more fun in groups.  Can you see yourself exploring Dublin, Ireland? Contact your consultant to find out how to claim your spot.  Don’t have a consultant? Click over to contact and reach out. You do not want to miss this trip.  

-Megan Spring

Aloette Beauty Consultant and Team Leader