She, confident in her abilities, set out to conquer the world.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mississippi & Arkansas Aloette President, Mindy Boyd. Mindy has over 16 years of experience in the direct sales industry. Mindy ran a highly successful team in South Mississippi for 8 years before she and her husband took the leap of faith to grow their business as Aloette Franchise owners. Last year, Mindy added writer to her resume. Mindy began a social movement to inspire self-confidence to all, She, Confident. See what Mindy had to say about her journey.

Megan: What made you want to join Aloette?
Mindy Boyd: I joined Aloette to earn some extra money until I could figure out what I wanted to do for a living. 16 years later, here I am.

Megan: When did you join Aloette?
Mindy Boyd: I held my launch party July 1, 2004.

Megan: What was your biggest Aloette/LIFE achievement in 2019? What are you working for in 2020?
Mindy Boyd: Honestly my biggest accomplishment last year was just overcoming challenges that could have been derailing otherwise, as a person and as a leader. I’m really proud of how much stronger I am now.

Megan: What motivates you, or how do you keep yourself motivated.
Mindy Boyd: If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. I keep myself motivated by setting goals, speaking positive affirmations, and tracking success.

Megan: What makes you feel confident?
Mindy Boyd: I feel most confident when I am leading and mentoring other women on their own confidence. Whether it’s inside of our business or just in life in general, I am most confident when I know I am making a positive impact on others.

Megan: How do you rate success for yourself?
Mindy Boyd: I feel successful when I am intentionally living up to the values and standards I hold myself to, when I am taking care of others and taking care of myself, and I am seeing the women I lead accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

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Aloette South

Megan Spring, Interviewer

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